Re-Commitment Gave Good Face

To all my followers, past present future…

to make contact
all I've ever wanted
therefore all I've never done

for wanting is not wishing 
nor desiring for the son
to come
wanting is believing I am
never there

spare me the drama pussy mama
and show me that you care

{son, I do ~ coming home to you
 as fast as I can}

~P'Spot poetry 2/12/20

Please accept my pussy apology as our unveiling of central fictional healing character Enlightened Dick caused a pussy riot.

We came offline here and on Facebook from February 4 to February 12 to reassess ~ the mission materials which promote teachings opportunities with Pussy General or spiritual guidance from Amelia Energy are removed for now until we build a proper container for it.


Bless you for loving an artist who loves you for Who You Are under the noise ~ the truth of Love fulfilled ~ stay tuned and all our peace we give to you