Re-Commitment Gave Good Face

To all my followers, past present future…

Please accept my pussy apology as our unveiling of central fictional healing character Enlightened Dick caused a pussy riot. Why? Because I have been stubborn and childish with my insistence on spiritual teaching WHILE simultaneously being a creative writing artist AND community leader. Of art psychology decidedly MATURE.

I have done none well and this caused undo confusion and hurt feelings for at least one. May there be none of that moving forward ~!

We came offline here and on Facebook from February 4 to February 12 to reassess ~ the mission materials which promote teachings opportunities with Pussy General or spiritual guidance from Amelia Energy are removed for now until we build a proper container for it.


Our mission continues ~ we are headlong into preparing “normal” avenues to release writing, photography, poetry, and art and to build you a mission stage where the General can dance NUDY and burn brightly for your worthy deserved sexual healing inspiration.

If you are new to Pussy General, welcome. Read our other post for the “flavor” of her general wild bluntness ~ it’s just not fun for you if all we do is post hotly with invitations to connect that go…nowhere!

Bless you for loving an artist who loves you for Who You Are under the noise ~ the truth of Love fulfilled ~ stay tuned and all our peace we give to you


P.S. the memoir will cover why TEACHING is like lifeblood to our founder-creatrix Amelia Energy and why coming to teaching through a pure heart art worldview leads to blinded by the light effect

Pardon our General’s Mess

Wow, Chief Commanda and First Footie Pussy General sure does like it messy~! We pray patience will land on your tongue kindly as we ask you extend us your most patient mind!

We are building a sexually-based energetic healing company from theatrical flaking and fluke’dom of an Atlanta #faileddomme story in the making. Every business expression we’ve put up in the last twelve months has fallen flat like a pancake and no pancake makeup to show for it either! Just a bunch of unpublished NUDY photo art from the beaches of Brooklyn. (Stay tuned!)

Chief Writing Commanda Amelia Energy is off to the memoir races to give our fledgling healing tribe its foundational dance floor manuscript.

Although you must be thinking WHAT THE FAWK, who is this pussy tease because we have yet to give you something linear to grab onto, the Footies DO exist in writing, dance, NUDY art, and footie flash fiction. We just can’t seem to garner the will to get it out of our messy Brooklyn borrowed apartment!!!

SO…sew buttons on the shirt your General tore off you last night in her “fictional” instructional dance, patiently hold your curious fingers, and await our link reveal~!!!

IN THE MEANTIME, dare peek at our boring Facebook page where not much is happening except the torquing of the General’s devoted heart to your blessed good. You’ll be honored in our sacral bowl as “I knew P’Gen pre-come 200 followers!”

On FB, you’ll see this gal. Our community manager MJ. (As in Spiderman, basketball legend, and Rick James.) She’s glad to give you her NUDY manager face…

Until we get our act together and published, bless you for sniffing anywhere in our general direction. Building anything takes grit. Reaching out past embarrassment and unshaming takes courage, and that’s what we hope we have achieved today with you — reaching courageously…

May you prosper and thrive in our light ~


Your Footie Leader’s Light

Today is Summer Solstice. LIGHT~! Our founder’s favorite day of the earth year (tied with Winter Solstice). What MJ Amelia wishes you to know about the Footies is this ~

Ever since the 31st day of my erotic sensual business — the one I ran alone out of my home with no guidance except the Voice in my Soul — I knew I had to write a book on it. This desire now pours out as my REAL purpose. Organizing. For Peace. The Footies.

Pussy General is a thrilling opportunity to build a bridge over the anguish and hurt we humans create with our lower mind. As the Footies, we are erotically charged but spiritually grounded in Truth: We have all the power to heal inside us NOW. More from our founder and First Footie…

I have been in hiding for five years. The shame and stigma of a woman championing healing & peace through sexually mature material — I let it keep me down. I am not ashamed to admit I was weak. Because I trust the Light went nowhere and the words I share now might be the lifeline you need to save you from your lower mind’s assault.

No more hiding. Here is our lovely leaders’s face, a perfect reflection of YOU ~

There is so much to share with you. When you pledge your early support and learn how to *see* NUDY (nude photos) with erotic honor far beyond fantasy, you say YES to bridging mental/emotional healing with mass entertainment. That’s what we need.

I look forward to busting my writing balls day & night for your deserved good. Thanks for your mercy and patience with an artist-writer organizing wild potentiality. And delivering hotly as the General. Learn more about me SOON. Sign up for private recruitment details via email SOON. Receive your free sacred seed blessing SOON. I appreciate you.

All my love and light, my peace I give to you (((A)))