The english definition of precarious has many parts. The Pussy General focuses on just one.


My uncertainty in fawk is my foundational faith to see it through. If I knew what to do, I wouldn’t go. The investigator walking the mutative path cannot know beforehand which experiment will be the one adopted by the collective. She must follow her inner direction and tinker around and wait. Patiently.

I love not needing to be certain ~ like the wind blowing a leaf! Where will it land? Why should it care. Life is lived in the wind’s caress and the sensousness of the world. To be fully present in a touch, a feeling…

All certainty blows away when humbled to my knees, accepting power’s humility in this Now moment. To face uncertainty, forgive what I don’t know and just GO! Because I only know death is certain so fawk the rest and live in the wind…that’s the danger I like that I live for.

Blow with me?

What move can I make to bring pink panties to life in this pussy box?

MILF pre-reconciled

Wonderful success, we are still here. Deep contemplation brings deep satisfaction and if you are reading, please soak that in.

Really, would you drink that in with me? I’d love that, thank you.

Because startups are crazy wild difficult in the beginning.

But MILF? What you know….it’s not what I know. The hot knots of that acronym are not anywhere in my body because I have never put a child on the earth through my blessed pussy. And what gets said about a mother is every point of the spectrum. Only knowing is truth.

Would you stand on an edge with me and fall off? Know something deeper? Because I’d love to feel and hear a different mood and tone within the mission walls of what MILF stands for and under the Pro-Mission Protected vibration. Ready?

MILF = Mutha in Loving Fawk

Mutha is Open Blouse position and FAWK is forgiveness. Let’s forgive our inner mother through our NUDY heart and all cum/come home happy esctactic. Anything else is a tire emergency that never feels better. FAWK is bold security ~ the cosmic mutha’s embrace.

Thank you for your patience. It’s a high holy woman’s birthday in my lineage ~ submitting to my sexual work in the face of all things conservative is still a wild precarious ride. (Thus the pre-pre-pre campaign jitters…this ain’t FAWK yet, much MUCH more on MILF to come, pre-come reconciled NOW.)

Mutha birthing wild in the forest of your mythic journey