Would you like a shot at strange redemption right alongside me? We’re moving the P’General~!

when moving emotionally, peacedomme lends you her phone to call home

Do you subscribe to right place in the right time? If you’ve ever doubted illumination of your soul was possible, maybe this hello from the edge will turn on the lights. Even if just a skinch up from dim? Ready? It’s downright boring. Contemplation.

I strive to give my heart by bearing my NUDY breasts in highest service to humanity’s whole. I’m asking you to contemplate your life and your sadness via my beating heart in between these NUDY breasts. Reconciliation. It’s downright fantastic.

My mission bells yearn to ring in peace as a hot service plank providing a bridge where all ready to end the war of the sexes — energetic or flesh & blood — can book over the ditch’a like their tails were on fire. Cause they are!

Please visit THEATRICS because this move needs your strange redemption NOW