My Birthday FAWK

The Pussy General’s Butt Anchor was put on this earth through me and my earth mother, of course. May the January days of Aquarius not pass by without a butt wave to you, beloved subscriber. I have held on tooth and hang nail and I hope you have too. If just barely there, you deserve…

Stuffed Breasts

X Mas Eves ~ Conscripted into my mythic bartender father’s Alzheimer’s compassion care army and I keep failing at escape! Hmm. Is that line above some mental breakdown or is it a scotch and water conversation at the holiday party I was blessed to have been put completely in charge of? BOTH! How was your…

Feminism or FAWK

If I admit my fear in the question am I a feminist, does that make me weak or strong? I changed the blog header from futuristic NUDY to seeking the low ~ that contains my answer. First, sex. Expanding my heart as a futuristic NUDY means bringing sensual & sexual public healing centerstage. Petrified with…


Do you have a mother in your memory field who might be called infamous? I’ve never birthed human children, never been pregnant, but I am a mother. An infamous mother. A peace friend I know, my mentor, she gave me awareness of an archaic book The Pregnant Virgin. Virginal means whole unto self. This goes…


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About Me

FAWK is my grace-in-a-lightning-bottle blog to honor the dishonor of my feelings which brought me to the atlar of NUDY. Awards in acting, writing, athletics, who cares if one is at the bottom of the ocean. I do. Now. Anew. ONWARD~!

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