Because you missed the Licking in the Light baptism of NUDY mission artphoto *I Am Bass* (below), do you really wish to miss again? Come IN to the welcoming arms of your Affectionate Fawk. Join the LIST.

I am Bass

Wondering Question: if you had the chance to dance with a pussy queen who would lick your hurt clean ~ perhaps lick your stick ~ would you care if her Internet *presence* was a train wreck? Artists are MESSY. Here’s the barely linear: at 6:45 a.m. New York City time on May 7 2020, the height of the Full Moon, Pussy General went live on the mission Facebook page and licked in the light. Why? To celebrate the publishing of her FIRST NUDY artphoto I Am Bass (seen above). Seen BELOW is the General in her house robe howling for you to come to/at March Full LEO Moon show Licking in the Light. What is the essential difference?

The difference between March and May Full Moon is the ocean I crossed ~ Worthiness. This page was updated May 7, 2020. We are getting our act together now so you may be licked in the light fantastic and fawked. Thanks for your mercy & patience with the General.

WE ARE UNDERGROUND FOR NUDY PERFORMANCES UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE ~ You wanna the Pussy General’s Full Moon? HA~! I desire mutual fawking in NUDY forgiveness vision. See NUDY with M.E.?. See you on the LIST!