Hi, you are greatly appreciated for reaching out. I seek to partner in an IN-HOME living situation for peace friendship. Short-term soul work; mutual sanctity assured. Voice contact is essential ~ absolutely no arrangements made by text. No pre-meeting (in person or video) without voice contact. Leave a message at 678-632-4280 or use this contact form to share your current situation. Reflect on this question: do I seek an end to my suffering? Share the truth with M.E. : be honest with yourself.

The mystery is the unknown, it can get messy so down your your knees, please, I’m right there with you. Fill out the form and I’ll contact you. For memoir updates JOIN THE LIST ~ subscribe to the blog.

And…so moved by her innocence, held pure like a fresh dissolving snowflake in the palm of her outstretched hand, the feminine spirit inside the Pussy General came home into the light, into love, into Accepted. ~ Affected, the P’General got down on her knees and gave that love to you. Then she put on her red shoe…!