Would you like a shot at strange redemption right alongside M.E.?

Would you help photocopy the Pussy General’s maiden bottom and distribute it to 55K willing gifters?

You want more of the General ~ the General wants to give it in Gift Frequency, the open heart. Open blouse.

How am I, your First Commanda, going ANYWHERE without better help and our mission rescue pit-mix Charlemagne? That’s why it’s time to unzip Enlightened Dick’s fly and surrender to the Peacedomme position. On your knees, please, this mission is messy and heavy on tease…I’m launching my dream forgiveness art NUDY project ~ 55K Fawk Fellatio. So I can be a better pro both in NUDY and in Maiden Crone future services. Raise vitally necessary business capital and spirits and give you more.

You need up-to-date information, I need a Footie assistant~! Thanks for your gifts, you WILL be contacted if you wish!

55K FAWK Fellatio Distribution Flyer

GIFTING GATEWAYS to the Pussy General Mission * Mary Jane * Amelia Energy

  • Please accept our apology for no easy way to “pay”
  • But that’s okay because this art mission only accepts GIFTS
  • Until LAUNCH of Official Biz Summer 2023
  • ~
  • Send GIFTS of any amount through
  • Zelle – ameliaenergy@gmail.com
  • Google Pay ameliaenergy@gmail.com
  • Apple Pay maryjanebrain@me.com
  • Facebook Messenger facebook.com/mythicmuthas
  • Wise maryjanemoney@hotmail.com
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Coinbase Wallet givenudy.cb.id
  • Ethereum pussygeneral.crypto * peacegeneral.dao