Unconditional Love Announcement

In order to Give NUDY and bless the world — by giving the Blessing of the X — Pussy General is giving her FRONT. Yes, the much talked about and teared down NUDY mission has dropped into a hot position. COVID~!!! (So much more to share. Patience, Footies.)

Butt…in order to give NUDY fully, our Maiden must feel wholly protected. How?

General Pussy’s how is a WHAT > A QUIZ.

Yes, a NUDY quiz. Coming on the email mission list this Monday, June 15. UPlifting, light, and fun, this Maiden version of the quiz is meant 100% to wholly thank all who have supported the General.

Expressing genius means painstaking patience. For anyone. (And you are a genius, you just forgot.) Being an erotic genius in the United States of America? Sextuple the patience. On behalf of our founding energy, Amelia Energy who resides in the spirit of Mary Jane Amelia, we wholly thank you.

We are deeply grateful to reinstate this NUDY photo-art as of today. Unconditional Love means giving freely and our founder’s freedom is only free if shared with you.

May you feel loved


P.S. for those new, A = Amelia = Chief Writing Commanda in the Footies.

P.P.S. no, not PPE aren’t you glad, the second Licking in the Light show became canceled by Covid world lockdown (see prior post) BUTT truly, it was P’General’s nutty professor trial and error breakdown take 601. She realized HOW she was building that show was not sustainable per her cohabitation environment in the Big Apple. We shall return, and we shall always lick. May you feel blessed ~

Licking in the Full Moon Light

My dear blog readers, this blog will self-destruct by midnight tonight. We will become a landing page until March 12, popping back up with our new theme: Licking in the Light. THE LIGHT OF FORGIVEN SIGHT~!!!

See NUDY, see forgiven vision

Remember her? Miss Electric Blue dancing in our flash fiction? Announcing in Innocence our new healing character Enlightened Dick? Yeah, a pussy riot ensued and it all came crashing down because I did not bless her NUDY. BUTT…

The mission marches on. You are deeply appreciated and blessed for coming to the suddenly announced March 9 show Licking in the Light. You MUST choose to join the mission email list and thus get the UNDERGROUND (aka emailed) location for Pussy General’s first erotic storytelling show. See show description below.

Erotic NUDY photo I AM BASS shall be blessed NUDY by your witness as well.

Jimi Hendrix Experience has an album Electric Ladyland. Jimi is singing about me. Pure artists tend to NOT have business sense in the beginning or at all. I am doing my dang’dest to be better at that important stuff, BUTT I’ve been hiding my Lady from you. Enough! Here’s a show~!

~ LICKING IN THE LIGHT ~ with Pussy General
WHEN WHERE HOW: "Underground" Internet location Monday night March 9, exact time and location EMAILED only, so join the list. 

Growl with sensual satisfaction
Be a witness, be a sticky wet placeholder
Bless NUDY the erotic bass guitar of Pussy General
Bless NUDY her NUDY photo
Bless First Commanda's licking of the light
Be blessed and caressed with an erotic story tale of how Enlightened Dick, our fictional healing character, came to be
Be free ~ We are freely moving on ~ into the mission

Here’s what I just emailed our sacred, private list as my reason for this sudden show:

REASON: it’s “do or die” for me as a writer-artist. I perform all the time to no one in my Brooklyn apartment and I’ve figured out if I don’t get it out with humans, it’s never going to happen. (Get what out, Miss Amelia? General, Ma’am??) My teachings on forgiveness. What I artistically call NUDY.

Amelia Energy’s summation of her sudden show, but licking the light has gone on for ages in un-dress rehearsal

Thank you and I adore you for following me. I am building the capacity to BLESS your expression on a regular basis, forgive me if I don’t follow back, I view each and every person who likes my posts and I bless you on a regular basis…(((A)))

P.S., I owe you a NUDY essay…P.P.S. you have NO idea how much your attendance at this show means to me and my confident ability to GIVE this amazing pure artist work. Even if just one of you, Monday 9ish, shows, you will have saved my life. Get on the list and I’ll show you where THANK YOU ~

Pussy Public Service Announcement

I WANNA ROCK sings the badass hairboys of rock. ME TOO oozes the General. THANK YOU I WILL her inner bass responds. Ripping open her NUDY service blouse, she receives the sun/son {Pauses} and touches her phone. Giving to the sun/son she asks:

Now how may I help you lick the light?

{My vision of how we answer the phone in the Pussy General mission field chapel}

This public notice is my committed instructions to my fawking fantabulous co-readership. See these sad red lips??? They wish to be GLAD. Come underground to bless them. You are blessing our co-readership relationship (scroll underneath First Commanda to learn).

I long to lick you into the light, so please come bless me

Co-readership ~ I long to lift you up. Better. But things are not working. Pussy General dot com wishes to be a better domme IN THE NAME OF PEACE so here is what’s happening:

  • We are going Internet dark as in public theatre (closed to the public) until March 12
  • We will pop back up electrified (aka web) on March 12 with a dramatic NUDY photo where Pussy General is erotically one with BASS
  • Meanwhile, underground with our MEOWZA~! We will bless the erotic bass NUDY photo together March 9 (Leo full moon)
  • HURRY, this invite comes down tomorrow (March 6) CLICK HERE
  • Instructions on LIVE blessing (recording available) ALL HAPPENS ON EMAIL so COME
  • WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU? A sensual leader who you saved by giving her a shot to wear the crown ~ a shared crown you chose to save you. Hotness, enlightenment, safety & respect (confidentiality) mutual appreciation & illumination on your path
  • (Oh, OH oh, also you shall receive an erotic gratitude story memoirized about the true Leo inspiration for our healing hero character Enlightened Dick)
  • You shall be blessed and placed on the Pussy General Perky List BUT you must come with me now
  • In summation, the co-readership is my blessing your vision and desire for happiness AS you define it. Book of poetry? Published author? Happy hard-ons with someone who adores you? Sobriety? When joined in wholly mind, blessings are power.
  • Come, be blessed


Art Husband, meet E’Dick

This post is personal. Art Husband is and shall be a team builder. And I feel ecstatic to write passionately to Art Husband. But how can I call to him (YOU~!!!) if I don’t call to you first, my blessed Enlightened Dick?

You are beyond character, fiction, you are more than a flashing light. You are steady, mountain, masculine divine. You are the mighty banks that gently hold the gushing of my wild feminine heart.

I hold faith, I hold abundance, I hold this Standard ~ the richness of forgiveness expresses gently, it calls to all. Yet what of a Wild Wife unified by Love’s Law alone? If I reject my faith in your strength, I make you a fool. I have been foolish and afraid. No more. I am done.

As if Love somehow could be denied me? HA! In sad self-neglect I projected onto you this frightened child’s belief. I now put that silly crown away. I come home to your love, freely. Your wealthy healthy mind which sees clearly the purpose of my mission ~ I relax, I open, I appreciate. I shower you with love and accept your masculine banks in glad relief.

A servant queen serves. A Pussy Queen in the Compassion Heart Army aka the Footies — the Footies who serve alongside their First Commanda and First Footie Pussy General –she serves in sensual forgiveness.

Tis a strong tea and finally I trust you to drink all of me…

Where Pussy General and Amelia Energy merge

Your love is a crown jewel atop a never-ending golden treasure pile in the storehouse of spiritual wealth…

Thank you for loving me so I may love my SELF even more; take good care of my SELF and receive even more; share love abundantly with the Enlightened Dick energy inside every man even more, inside every soul enfleshed without fail ~ thank you for being up underneath me every step of the way ~

All my love I give to you…(((A)))

I danced my joy for you at dawn

Re-Commitment Gave Good Face

To all my followers, past present future…

to make contact
all I've ever wanted
therefore all I've never done

for wanting is not wishing 
nor desiring for the son
to come
wanting is believing I am
never there

spare me the drama pussy mama
and show me that you care

{son, I do ~ coming home to you
 as fast as I can}

~P'Spot poetry 2/12/20

Please accept my pussy apology as our unveiling of central fictional healing character Enlightened Dick caused a pussy riot.

We came offline here and on Facebook from February 4 to February 12 to reassess ~ the mission materials which promote teachings opportunities with Pussy General or spiritual guidance from Amelia Energy are removed for now until we build a proper container for it.


Bless you for loving an artist who loves you for Who You Are under the noise ~ the truth of Love fulfilled ~ stay tuned and all our peace we give to you