Pussy General is mission based theatrics ~ suggestive name, humanitarian aim…CHANGING THE SHAME GAME.

Pussy General is NEW sexual philosophy on the field of PLAY. Sex As GIFTED.

Triple Goddess +1 On the Guest List

Did you know Classic feminine archetype is the Triple Goddess?

Maiden * Mother * Crone

These archetypes are mission positions ~ butt wait! There’s a 4th postional archetype!

Pussy General is Maiden Crone

Mutated position from the classic feminine archetype. Because NUDY is a new time and a new way of being.

MOVED ~ a mission photo is worth a thousand words. Come SEE what we mean!

Mission Positions

  • Maiden ~ bare bottom NUDY
  • Mutha ~ bare chested breasted NUDY
  • Crone ~ full NUDY
  • Maiden Crone ~ full bush NUDY
  • All positions are given NUDY
  • Sorry for so many words and so little clothes ~ NUDY IS DIFFERENT
  • New Visions are joyous & HARD
  • So shall we SPRINT to become more clear and transparent!