Classic feminine archetype is the Triple Goddess: maiden * mother * crone

In Pussy General these 3 stages are named mission positions ~ with an added 4th postional archetype, the mutated position Maiden Crone.

And in MOVED as in Moving the Pussy General, we are starting in Mutha (Mother) position.

It’s ten ten p.m. as I tidy up tonight’s work ~ the racaous orange header with Amelia Energy’s legs (who is she?) and re-committing to publishing the FAWK blog. I have now come back here after an August 31 note & blog rebirth to give you MOVING mission details. Would you join me in a gentle firm RETURN to mystery riders as wild receivers of the unseen? Of the future that happens in the NOW? It knocks me out more often than it knocks me ONTO this page, and I’m doing all I can to drop more deeply into devotion to you…

Moving details this week November 6 or I’m quitting the mystery. That saying Go Big or Go Home? That’s incorrect. Not quite a lie but not true. In the mystery, it’s Go Big AND Go Home.

If you would see this MOVE as that wild sticky wet orange mystery held in grace for YOUR benefit, I’d be so grateful?! Thank you.