Pussy General is mission based theatrics ~ suggestive name, humanitarian aim…CHANGING THE SHAME GAME.

Did you know Classic feminine archetype is the Triple Goddess?

Maiden * Mother * Crone

In Pussy General these are mission positions ~ with an added 4th postional archetype, the mutated position Maiden Crone.

Pussy General is Maiden Crone

Would you forgive the lack of information? And the lack of clothes OVERLY tease? Meaning where the heck are all the hot Pussy General photos, etc??? I am so sorry (this is Mary Jane Amelia de facto CEO saying this) because my life, like yours, has been a fractured work of art. Getting up out of an emotional hospital bed is pure hell. Instead of a boring book on fellatio forgiveness, I deeply desire to pour my vulnerable pain into a new art container. Have you tell me what you need. And write a book from there.

Oh, and the Maiden Crone? She leads our mission in NUDY. (See the Peace General for longer, harder explanations.) NUDY is the new psychological direction for OLDEST Pro Work ~ the OLDEST Pro Field ~ the old shame strangulator where women meet sexual commerce. So much more to come/cum!!!!!!!

Mission News is MOVED as in Moving the Pussy General. We are starting in Mutha (Mother) position.

Mission Positions

  • Maiden ~ bare bottom NUDY
  • Mutha ~ bare chested breasted NUDY
  • Crone ~ full NUDY
  • Maiden Crone ~ full bush NUDY
  • All positions are given NUDY
  • Once again, sorry for the lack of info
  • February 1, 2023 is our Pre-Pre-Pre Launch to Pussy General services
  • Startups are messy, chaotic, hard, and failing forward
  • So shall we SPRINT to become more clear and transparent!