Pardon our General’s Mess

Wow, Chief Commanda and First Footie Pussy General sure does like it messy~! We pray patience will land on your tongue kindly as we ask you extend us your most patient mind!

We are building a sexually-based energetic healing company from theatrical flaking and fluke’dom of an Atlanta #faileddomme story in the making. Every business expression we’ve put up in the last twelve months has fallen flat like a pancake and no pancake makeup to show for it either! Just a bunch of unpublished NUDY photo art from the beaches of Brooklyn. (Stay tuned!)

Chief Writing Commanda Amelia Energy is off to the memoir races to give our fledgling healing tribe its foundational dance floor manuscript.

Although you must be thinking WHAT THE FAWK, who is this pussy tease because we have yet to give you something linear to grab onto, the Footies DO exist in writing, dance, NUDY art, and footie flash fiction. We just can’t seem to garner the will to get it out of our messy Brooklyn borrowed apartment!!!

SO…sew buttons on the shirt your General tore off you last night in her “fictional” instructional dance, patiently hold your curious fingers, and await our link reveal~!!!

IN THE MEANTIME, dare peek at our boring Facebook page where not much is happening except the torquing of the General’s devoted heart to your blessed good. You’ll be honored in our sacral bowl as “I knew P’Gen pre-come 200 followers!”

On FB, you’ll see this gal. Our community manager MJ. (As in Spiderman, basketball legend, and Rick James.) She’s glad to give you her NUDY manager face…

Until we get our act together and published, bless you for sniffing anywhere in our general direction. Building anything takes grit. Reaching out past embarrassment and unshaming takes courage, and that’s what we hope we have achieved today with you — reaching courageously…

May you prosper and thrive in our light ~