My Birthday FAWK

The Pussy General’s Butt Anchor was put on this earth through me and my earth mother, of course. May the January days of Aquarius not pass by without a butt wave to you, beloved subscriber. I have held on tooth and hang nail and I hope you have too. If just barely there, you deserve my kind of birthday FAWK. NUDY art!

NUDY ~ It is the solid foundational step to opening my arms and legs to you with mission abandon. This mission isn’t my imagination or impulse to exhibit ~ it’s about dancing down the demons of sin-sad-saturated religious nonesense that I took for mental dominance. Those days of that shadow unchallenged end now.

Would you join me with a slap on the newborn maiden’s butt anchor? Of course, she’s a fully formed maiden springing from the mind of a different Zeus. The Yang Prime of Enlightened Dick, but regrettably, I haven’t given you that published mission role yet. Pussy General’s about to drop her water from the sky, so perhaps this (shhhhhh, not done yet, for my bday Feb 3rd) 55K FAWK Fellatio project shall be from ED’s holy wholly amazing shaft of light.

Can I ask for another present? Your quiet cheering that business support arrives so the story makes the semi-linear page. My fellatio history is classic, epic hot tragedy, and emerging. Without NUDY, there is no motivation for me to share it, just more boring erotica and that won’t do for M.E. NUDY is forgiveness and that’s what the war of the sexes deserves. Fading those memories, creating the new.

SLLLLAAAAAAPPPPP~!!! Welcome to the New Earth Sex World, NUDY child. So grateful you lived through your birth!

Fading FAWK Memory (c) Muthaship Communication