The english definition of precarious has many parts. The Pussy General focuses on just one. Uncertain My uncertainty in fawk is my foundational faith to see it through. If I knew what to do, I wouldn’t go. The investigator walking the mutative path cannot know beforehand which experiment will be the one adopted by the …

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Sleeping with the Job

When I was a young maiden, sex was never spoken about yet never was NOT the driving force of our Catholic community life. Now that I have become the maiden crone, I am the driver. And having sex for Life is becoming my driving source. Sleep I must to allow Grace to enter M.E. fully …

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MILF pre-reconciled

Wonderful success, we are still here. Deep contemplation brings deep satisfaction and if you are reading, please soak that in. Really, would you drink that in with me? I’d love that, thank you. Because startups are crazy wild difficult in the beginning. But MILF? What you know….it’s not what I know. The hot knots of …

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About Me

FAWK is my grace-in-a-lightning-bottle blog to honor the dishonor of my feelings which brought me to the atlar of NUDY. Awards in acting, writing, athletics, who cares if one is at the bottom of the ocean. I do. Now. Anew. ONWARD~!

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