MC Services

You suffer because you don’t listen. Let’s listen together. Contact the Maiden Crone (MC) for peace friendship listening services through this form.

I care about your joy and your pain. Pain does end.

Classic feminine archetype is the Triple Goddess: maiden * mother * crone HOWEVER…in Pussy General we refer to this as the Unity archetype. Mother is always Mutha. And the Pussy General is unification of sexual innocence and death ~ where the maiden merges with the crone. Maiden Crone MC.

Our founding energy source General Amelia (Amelia Energy) entered the oldest pro work field of sexual services in her mid-thirties and is re-entering this field as something completely new: NUDY. The foundation of THIS new unity psychological aid and emerging philosophy is the peace friend.

Peace Friend ~ Winter Solstice 2021 is the new official kickoff of peace friend teaching, mutha blessing, and maiden crone services. Expect continuing discussion and constant refinement and thank you in advance for your generous patience~! Sex on earth is a fractured road and it takes patient listening to bring forth the new. Contact us for information on one-on-one peace friend listening services and please follow the blog for updates.

Our founding energy sharing the very beginning of peace friendship~!