Stuffed Breasts

X Mas Eves ~ Conscripted into my mythic bartender father’s Alzheimer’s compassion care army and I keep failing at escape!

Hmm. Is that line above some mental breakdown or is it a scotch and water conversation at the holiday party I was blessed to have been put completely in charge of? BOTH!

How was your holiday? Mine was overly sad and not hot (except for this rocking mastura session being watched!) but it was THE karmic cleanser for me in this lifetime. I took care of some old folks. I am free to go. I’ll pass the fascinating sad story onto another mission blog. For now, join me in the mystery?

Hand unzipping my top – braless as her best – giving you my sex – unstuffing my breasts? Yes? O for wont of a bra! This shitty guilt passed along by the repressed sexless and sex strick agenda pushers. Push up bra, oh where art thou? I’m ready to milk my sacred cow and pass along a new NUDY crowd pleaser. Stuffed rich sensous breasts given NUDY. Got to put it on to take it off. May they bless

Happy New M.E. 2023

I’m about to launch a move so these blog pics might could get hotter. “might could” a southern term I miss ~ the south, wet wild warm like the Pussy General when I’m in my right tight and not tied to the kitchen as house mom! Here’s to seeing less of me soon!


P.S. M.E. = Mutha Energy. Mutha position, open blouse.