Unconditional Love Announcement

In order to Give NUDY and bless the world — by giving the Blessing of the X — Pussy General is giving her FRONT. Yes, the much talked about and teared down NUDY mission has dropped into a hot position. COVID~!!! (So much more to share. Patience, Footies.)

Butt…in order to give NUDY fully, our Maiden must feel wholly protected. How?

General Pussy’s how is a WHAT > A QUIZ.

Yes, a NUDY quiz. Coming on the email mission list this Monday, June 15. UPlifting, light, and fun, this Maiden version of the quiz is meant 100% to wholly thank all who have supported the General.

Expressing genius means painstaking patience. For anyone. (And you are a genius, you just forgot.) Being an erotic genius in the United States of America? Sextuple the patience. On behalf of our founding energy, Amelia Energy who resides in the spirit of Mary Jane Amelia, we wholly thank you.

We are deeply grateful to reinstate this NUDY photo-art as of today. Unconditional Love means giving freely and our founder’s freedom is only free if shared with you.

May you feel loved


P.S. for those new, A = Amelia = Chief Writing Commanda in the Footies.

P.P.S. no, not PPE aren’t you glad, the second Licking in the Light show became canceled by Covid world lockdown (see prior post) BUTT truly, it was P’General’s nutty professor trial and error breakdown take 601. She realized HOW she was building that show was not sustainable per her cohabitation environment in the Big Apple. We shall return, and we shall always lick. May you feel blessed ~