To the Heart that Saved M.E.

I’m dashing off this post to honor a dashing young man who’s balanced masculine mind and feminine heart saved my life just now. “Saving” is a pretty controversial topic as us humans can endlessly fight about it. To save or not to save. Good? Bad? I say other.

Brother my Other, you saved my mother energy today by your very presence. Just feeling your strength ~ the strength you let flow from this place you know is correct to guide others ~ it saved me. I could have went another day, year, decade without beginning to talk about the deep shadow water where I hide. So shallow yet I am drowning in its puddle from the struggle to begin the begin.


Brother my Other, my sexual energy is pure expression like punk rock when it began. Has nothing to do with a body or physical sex although all that is fine with me. Now that I have broken the seal and begun flapping my lips — THE FACE MOUTH NOT THE PUSSY MOUTH — I am made whole with my “found” will to loose the consciousness and quit this lame game of lost-never-found.

Your great presence allowed me to face that, Brother my Other. Thank you.

I dedicate this baby step to Enlightened Dick to you ~

{written to In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins}

P.S. ~ I honor and recognize my abundant spirit for daring to enter and heal my shadow…that led to some really hot earth sex right before I wrote this today…so that’s how I know listening to the heart wholeheartedly WORKS. Giving Love WORKS~! All my love I give to you, dear Footies in Waiting