Pussy General (P’G) is healing character, a stage work, a culture-shifting comic book (in development) and so much more. PussyGeneral.com currently serves as a radio relay for P’G Pre-Pre-Launch project Thanks for the Tips: Amelia Energy’s Easy Tip Guide to Giving an Amazing Erotic Sensual Massage. LINK COMING SOON~!!!

Amelia Energy is beyond pen name OR stage name. It is the healing energy from which Pussy General sources pure thought into Erotic Honor, Fawking Forgiveness, and NUDY — guiding light on the Footie path. All in service to change the shame game.

Amelia Energy serves as Chief Writing Commanda for Muthaship Communication, home of the Footies and their leader Pussy General. Her earth origin is beloved daughter of two wonderful parents who birthed her in Philadelphia as their adored first child Mary Jane. Learn more about “MJ” Amelia HERE: COMING MAY 2, 2019

Pussy General Creatrix Mary Jane Amelia