Pussy General is healing character, a stage work, and so much more. General Amelia, the Pussy General, is a visionary communications specialist and Commanda Healer for the Honor Pole (the penis). Her hot humanitarian mission — bringing peace into pussy.

Because when women feel good, men get laid, and we have peace ~ P’General

Amelia Energy is beyond her pen name, it is the energy from which Pussy General sources pure thought such as Erotic Honor, Fawking Forgiveness, and NUDY. She serves as Writing Commanda Chief for the Muthaship and is currently immersed in the second draft of Mary Jane Amelia’s first memoir manuscript — our foundational text and tribe building platform.

BackSTORY — The Pussy General roared onto stage for a one-nite performance January 19, 2011 at Seven Stages (Atlanta, Ga.) from creatrix and lead actress Mary Jane Amelia. Using then-frustration with her professional sex work to channel Pussy General, Mary Jane collapsed the day after the production due to unmitigated and unaddressed emotional codependency. So the Pussy General surrendered and retreated — yet love is never defeated. 

NowSTORY — “MJ” is back at the avant-garde drawing board — victorious after a long battle with stubborn pride regarding emotional sobriety — to birth Pussy General Hospital ~ where old thoughts go to dance

In its creative infancy, Pussy General Hospital (PGH) is meant to offer a hopeful hand and inspirational light so you may access the inner road to healing your mind from guilt and shame that is one tiny step away from dancing out the door for good. A multi-media production, PGH shall be rolled out in bite-size stages over a three-year producing period for maximal joy in building the vision with our patrons, donors, producing angels, peace organizers, and dance patients.

Thank you very much for visiting our online PG*Hospital ~

Creatrix/Healing Heroine Mary Jane Amelia