Pussy General is a healing theatrical character in development whose black box stage birth in 2011 caused such a pussy riot for her creatrix that we’re just about recovered to give you another show. AND A MEMOIR.

Latest developments include flash fiction ~ (we aim to entertain you into consideration of healing’s rich wet jewels) ~ and this, too, created a pussy riot on February 3. We came down Feb 4 to reassess the General’s mess tent ~ we are no longer promoting teachings with her.

We relaunched bare bones as of Thursday, February 13, 2020 as to get the General Ma’am in good hot order so she may deliver the mission with consistent delight and mutual good. With a graceful nod to the power of pussy ~ culturally, socially, intellectually, sexually, and in Innocence ~ we thank you for holding space.

~Management, Muthaship Communication, home of the Pussy General