Feminism or FAWK

If I admit my fear in the question am I a feminist, does that make me weak or strong? I changed the blog header from futuristic NUDY to seeking the low ~ that contains my answer.

First, sex. Expanding my heart as a futuristic NUDY means bringing sensual & sexual public healing centerstage. Petrified with delight to give my life over to this. Butt…blogging is on hold. Why? It’s overtime on my big push to move out of Brooklyn.

I face the danger of compromise if I stay here much longer. Yet Brooklyn gave me time away from the usual so my inner ear could attune. Listening is the entire point of championing NUDY. I listned to my suffering here. Five years and I’m house mom, kitchen manager, and compassion companion to the old folks.

Second, the “second sex” aka the reason for feminism. Bottom line — I’m grateful for it. The big F! Without it, we’d still have open date rape in the workplace. Don’t waste your time commenting the contrary because that story is in my family. I know its effects.

Yet if I were to cling to an attitude of feminism forever, I’d be wasting my time in mental hell. Everything changes. Feminism must change but what exactly is that change? Could it be FAWK? The new F in my Life!

FAWK is a kindness of faith ~ that war of the sexes abates if the inate genius of every human is attended to. If we forgive what we made in collective hell. I imagine fawking forgiveness as the anti-battle cry in a waging peace between cis males and cis females.

To forgive is to yield ~ to seek the low. The heart yields. Nothing to prove. Nothing producing a very rich inner field.

I stumbled upon a concept today I had never heard — benevolent feminism. In a nutshell, it seems to be attitudes of putting women on pedestals can be problematic. Paradoxically, yes it can. But what tears the pedestal down? Listening, patience, understanding, forgiveness. All receptive, yin, feminine qualities we amplify within our individual energy field if we only…

FAWK. Deeply listen. Bringing contemplation of the sexual, bringing forgiveness into sex as foreplay…oh fawk me! I must move so these tools may begin! I must change. I must answer back to my fear am I ready to FAWK?

{seek the low}

Yielding is not weak, it is strong. Water appears weak but penetrates rock. The low point of a forest is wet, damp, dark just like the womb, the pussy field where all human life begins. Low is quiet. Quiet draws within. If I draw you within me, our bodies melding, your member or your hand welcomed inside me, exploring my ribbed inner canyons, is this shared vulnerability of ours a worthy risk? Weak in the knees as shared power? Can we listen to that richness and hold it?

Feminism had to sweep in because men were conditioned to compromise their heart genius thus squander true richness: holding up women as dynamically different AND equal. How can a man value tenderness and hold it in highest esteem if he cannot hear his own screams of pain? Enter FAWK. Because (cis) man and woman can learn and change. I used to fear asking men to change. FAWK is changing this fear in me. {Feminists everywhere, I’m not sorry for being human but I am now catching up. Marie thanks every wave of you and so do I.}

My bottom line (my B-Side in Pussy General): Feminism must be willing to change as we FAWK or else there’s endless war and that’s not a future vision I’m willing to hold. Fawking forgiveness is my new feminism.

Paradox to the max — I had to become the epitomy of what many feminists abhor (Brooklyn housewife energy) to uncover my feminine strength (soft) thus open my heart to be unapologetic in my new desire to FAWK and give NUDY to men! TBC…

I am cosmic portal ~ enter me NUDY. Seek the low, yield, heed softness. Change. And thrive.

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