Do you have a mother in your memory field who might be called infamous? I’ve never birthed human children, never been pregnant, but I am a mother. An infamous mother.

A peace friend I know, my mentor, she gave me awareness of an archaic book The Pregnant Virgin. Virginal means whole unto self. This goes for mothers and any pussy that has been sexed. Any BODY for that matter! But to live that freedom as a vagina is to step off the edge of cultural and tribal support. For instance…

To answer your question, Mr. Curious Comment, is my pussy well used? I don’t know. If my mind was stunted but the sex felt great, what does that mean? If I could be daring in my baring but stifled in my desire body – denying the pleasure pain cycle all the while opening UP to the electricity of intimacy enfleshed – what is that?

I call it a paradox. Done calling it a damn shame. Actually, I never called it that. But what else is there to hear when listening at the rail of those closest to me? What else does their summation pronounce? Did anyone ever dare to bare their uncomfortablity, laugh through the awkward, and just…start a conversation with me?

I ask with curiosity and compassion because I’ve skipped starting conversations. I’ve skipped wearing a bra, underwear. I’ve skipped meals for sake of beer drinking. I skipped questions of self. Take motherhood. { } Let’s skip that some more! Here’s my punchline…

If mother ideal is loving, if mother unreal is frightining, who is mutha NUDY and what is her Mutha Position cosmic breast feeding? Infamous.

That’s all I can bear, sorry for the slim feel of my writing lately. I have been volunteering in a mother type thing, and as truly important as that work is, I had to extricate myself OUT to return to Fawk. New Earth Mothers are really worthy of getting to know because they look to the future. A future AWAY from conventional soul killers. Good infamy! But mothers who dare to bare who might be swayed to give NUDY need my attention much more and so I quit those worthy committees.

Back to YOU.

Here’s to giving more! Living free and INFAMOUS! (To be continued…)

My mentor mutha Burnie

P.S. write away your comments, please. I am not posting them because regretfully, I don’t have the capacity psychologically until I have a smidge more support. I went down many a hot road unprepared and unsupported and I’ve learned my lesson well. I yearn to give more fully to you. Thank you ~

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