Licking in the Full Moon Light

My dear blog readers, this blog will self-destruct by midnight tonight. We will become a landing page until March 12, popping back up with our new theme: Licking in the Light. THE LIGHT OF FORGIVEN SIGHT~!!!

See NUDY, see forgiven vision

Remember her? Miss Electric Blue dancing in our flash fiction? Announcing in Innocence our new healing character Enlightened Dick? Yeah, a pussy riot ensued and it all came crashing down because I did not bless her NUDY. BUTT…

The mission marches on. You are deeply appreciated and blessed for coming to the suddenly announced March 9 show Licking in the Light. You MUST choose to join the mission email list and thus get the UNDERGROUND (aka emailed) location for Pussy General’s first erotic storytelling show. See show description below.

Erotic NUDY photo I AM BASS shall be blessed NUDY by your witness as well.

Jimi Hendrix Experience has an album Electric Ladyland. Jimi is singing about me. Pure artists tend to NOT have business sense in the beginning or at all. I am doing my dang’dest to be better at that important stuff, BUTT I’ve been hiding my Lady from you. Enough! Here’s a show~!

~ LICKING IN THE LIGHT ~ with Pussy General
WHEN WHERE HOW: "Underground" Internet location Monday night March 9, exact time and location EMAILED only, so join the list. 

Growl with sensual satisfaction
Be a witness, be a sticky wet placeholder
Bless NUDY the erotic bass guitar of Pussy General
Bless NUDY her NUDY photo
Bless First Commanda's licking of the light
Be blessed and caressed with an erotic story tale of how Enlightened Dick, our fictional healing character, came to be
Be free ~ We are freely moving on ~ into the mission

Here’s what I just emailed our sacred, private list as my reason for this sudden show:

REASON: it’s “do or die” for me as a writer-artist. I perform all the time to no one in my Brooklyn apartment and I’ve figured out if I don’t get it out with humans, it’s never going to happen. (Get what out, Miss Amelia? General, Ma’am??) My teachings on forgiveness. What I artistically call NUDY.

Amelia Energy’s summation of her sudden show, but licking the light has gone on for ages in un-dress rehearsal

Thank you and I adore you for following me. I am building the capacity to BLESS your expression on a regular basis, forgive me if I don’t follow back, I view each and every person who likes my posts and I bless you on a regular basis…(((A)))

P.S., I owe you a NUDY essay…P.P.S. you have NO idea how much your attendance at this show means to me and my confident ability to GIVE this amazing pure artist work. Even if just one of you, Monday 9ish, shows, you will have saved my life. Get on the list and I’ll show you where THANK YOU ~

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