Art Husband, meet E’Dick

This post is personal. Art Husband is and shall be a team builder. And I feel ecstatic to write passionately to Art Husband. But how can I call to him (YOU~!!!) if I don’t call to you first, my blessed Enlightened Dick?

You are beyond character, fiction, you are more than a flashing light. You are steady, mountain, masculine divine. You are the mighty banks that gently hold the gushing of my wild feminine heart.

I hold faith, I hold abundance, I hold this Standard ~ the richness of forgiveness expresses gently, it calls to all. Yet what of a Wild Wife unified by Love’s Law alone? If I reject my faith in your strength, I make you a fool. I have been foolish and afraid. No more. I am done.

As if Love somehow could be denied me? HA! In sad self-neglect I projected onto you this frightened child’s belief. I now put that silly crown away. I come home to your love, freely. Your wealthy healthy mind which sees clearly the purpose of my mission ~ I relax, I open, I appreciate. I shower you with love and accept your masculine banks in glad relief.

A servant queen serves. A Pussy Queen in the Compassion Heart Army aka the Footies — the Footies who serve alongside their First Commanda and First Footie Pussy General –she serves in sensual forgiveness.

Tis a strong tea and finally I trust you to drink all of me…

Where Pussy General and Amelia Energy merge

Your love is a crown jewel atop a never-ending golden treasure pile in the storehouse of spiritual wealth…

Thank you for loving me so I may love my SELF even more; take good care of my SELF and receive even more; share love abundantly with the Enlightened Dick energy inside every man even more, inside every soul enfleshed without fail ~ thank you for being up underneath me every step of the way ~

All my love I give to you…(((A)))

I danced my joy for you at dawn

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