Your Footie Leader’s Light

Today is Summer Solstice. LIGHT~! Our founder’s favorite day of the earth year (tied with Winter Solstice). What MJ Amelia wishes you to know about the Footies is this ~

Ever since the 31st day of my erotic sensual business — the one I ran alone out of my home with no guidance except the Voice in my Soul — I knew I had to write a book on it. This desire now pours out as my REAL purpose. Organizing. For Peace. The Footies.

Pussy General is a thrilling opportunity to build a bridge over the anguish and hurt we humans create with our lower mind. As the Footies, we are erotically charged but spiritually grounded in Truth: We have all the power to heal inside us NOW. More from our founder and First Footie…

I have been in hiding for five years. The shame and stigma of a woman championing healing & peace through sexually mature material — I let it keep me down. I am not ashamed to admit I was weak. Because I trust the Light went nowhere and the words I share now might be the lifeline you need to save you from your lower mind’s assault.

No more hiding. Here is our lovely leaders’s face, a perfect reflection of YOU ~

There is so much to share with you. When you pledge your early support and learn how to *see* NUDY (nude photos) with erotic honor far beyond fantasy, you say YES to bridging mental/emotional healing with mass entertainment. That’s what we need.

I look forward to busting my writing balls day & night for your deserved good. Thanks for your mercy and patience with an artist-writer organizing wild potentiality. And delivering hotly as the General. Learn more about me SOON. Sign up for private recruitment details via email SOON. Receive your free sacred seed blessing SOON. I appreciate you.

All my love and light, my peace I give to you (((A)))

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